when all else fails, disappear
Friday, May 16, 2003
If anyone who has found this page needs it for the reason it's here...or i guess, for any reason, please comment and let me know
Wednesday, May 14, 2003
I started searching for websites about survivors of child sexual abuse. I found some, but, they were either clinical, or all women's rightsish, and all about power and...i dunno, i cant explain it, but it wasn't me.
I didnt find what I was looking for.
I guess to be honest I was looking for a website that said in huge bold letters
Dirk Garschagen is a child molester
because once I found that, I'd know that it wasnt just me. That it had happened to someone else and someone else out there knew exactly how I was feeling, then and now.
And that's why i'm doing this, because if someone types in his name and comes across my site, they'll see that they arent the only ones

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